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Our website is huge, with many different pages of information and albums of photo’s. You can find anything you need to know about Longacres someplace here. But the website has grown a bit at a time, and we only recently sat down and realized that it can be pretty confusing to first time visitors.


We’ll send you off to certain appropriate pages and then bring you back here for the next step on your “Welcome to Longacres” tour. You can click on a “Tour” link anytime, or use your back button to return here.


Feel free to bail out and explore the website on your own at anytime! – Site Index/Map Here


Above: Sydney jumping the Butterfly jump at Longacres. We chose this picture to show that we don’t hold out the fancy Longacres show jumps just for the very most experienced riders – our beginners and intermediates get to try everything we have at a suitable height.


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Five Hours a Day!

Longacres is an amazing and unique place. You’re likely here because of our slogan, “Where else can you ride five hours a day?” We are that and more. Five hours a day of riding wonderful horses, jumping amazing jumps, and just plain having fun with horses with a dozen other horse lovers of all ages at our family style summer show barn.


Is Longacres Right for You?

But we can’t be all things to everyone. Click this link to read, “Is Longacres Right for You?” Return here if you’re still interested in our program!


Meet our Horses!

What next? Well, our “lesson horses” are really show horses. Don’t take my word for it, click this link to go to our “Meet the Horses” page. You’ll find dozens upon dozens of pictures of very nice horses!


A Typical Day at Longacres

Next, if you didn’t already read it when you were browsing the “Is Longacres Right for You” article, go to this link for a description of a “Typical Day at Longacres”.


A “Not-So-Typical” Day at Longacres – Fun Surprises!

Read the article at this link describing the many special events and surprises we try to fit in each of our regularly scheduled camp sessions. Everything from a moonlight ride to an overnight trail and slumber party in a hay loft is possible at Longacres!


Are You a Beginner or Intermediate? We Welcome You!!

Occasionally, someone will visit our website and see all the exciting jumping pictures and our fancy jumps, then write to us and say, “I love your camp, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough experience to come to Longacres.” NOTHING could be further from the truth! Yes, we have gorgeous jumps, and yes, we have some very good riders who do advanced jumping. We put a lot of those pictures up on the website because they look cool. But we are a kid’s summer horse camp and many of our riders will be just like you. Although most of our first time students have some jumping experience, we welcome even complete beginners. We are very excited about teaching new riders. If you like horses, you will fit in at Longacres. Call and talk with us if you have very little riding experience and we’ll be glad to talk about our program for beginners.


Look at our Jumps!

Want to see what you’ll be jumping in your lessons, practice sessions, and shows while you are at Longacres? Go to this link to see pictures of many of our jumps. Longacres jumps are varied and interesting, as you will see. We paint them twice each summer season, once before we open in June and again mid-way through the summer. We add more new jumps every year!


The Barn, facilities, and grounds

Here’s a link to a large album of pictures showing our barn, dining hall, bunks, main house, and the trails and grounds. Go here now or remember to return later in your “tour”.


Rates & Schedule

By now, you probably want to know what sessions we still have available and what they cost. Go to this link for the answers!


References & Penpals

Next stop for many of you should be our “References and Pen Pals” page at this link, which allows you to communicate with many former and current Longacres students and their families. Most years about 70% of our students return. There’s nothing like hearing about Longacres first hand from them.


Lots of Pictures!

Do you like pictures? I have no idea how many photo images are on the Longacres website – probably well over 1000. Try this link and follow the sublinks to various albums of pictures, including “Meghan’s Favorite 100”. If you read through our “Latest News” blog, you’ll find dozens more links to photo albums posted for parents during the summer. Some of the old ones might have been deleted by now, but many are there still and will give you the flavor of Longacres during the summer season!


Talk to Us – We’re here for you!                                    

We are a small family run business. Coming to Longacres is like joining our family, so you will surely want to speak with us and get a feeling of what we are like. We believe in customer service with a capital “C”! Call us anytime or email us and ask us to call you. Best time to reach us is late morning or 9PM to 11PM. Our home phone is 716-652-9495. Meghan Kranz’s cell phone is 716-380-6088.


Thank you for joining our guided “Welcome to Longacres Tour” this far. We wanted to be sure you could easily find the important information at these links.


How About Adults?

Our June 23 to August 17th sessions are intended for traditional camp age children and teens. But we occasionally have adults who attend one or more of the June Clinic weeks, or the Lazy Days week at the end of August. We welcome adults by themselves, or with their daughters for a “Mother – Daughter” week during those time periods. Call and talk with Meghan – we have many satisfied customers willing to share their experiences with you. Some of them are listed on our “Penpals and references” page, listed above.


Latest Longacres news “Blog”

Now, go to our “Latest News” and “Site Map” page at this link. Click the “Latest News” link near the top of the page. It’s rather like a “Blog”, with year round updates and news of Longacres added nearly every day. But be careful! It is easy to get hooked. Many of our readers check in from all over the United States every day to hear the latest! You’ll also find many more links to special articles about Longacres. Enjoy!