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Most of the pictures on this page are taken on the main show field. Click this link for a quick video of the beginner show ring across the driveway!









The Longacres Grand Prix level water jump









another pic of the "Big Water"









Quantum and Robyn over the big water - we only jump this on very special occasions with careful preparation










Rachael and Zany over the Butterfly









the "Sunburst" - one of our new jumps in 2008









lots of flowers for the jumps on the big field










Laura going over the "Hoof Beats"









the new wishing wells









variously called the "Holloween" or the "Pumpkin" jump










the Pulverman, or sunken road jump









one of the naturla jumps out in the woods on the little hunt course









the "keyhole" jump on the little hunt course










one of the "sunburst" wings









our jumps have multifaceted uses, right, Kellie?









Tom giving instruction at a low level over the Sunburst - everyone gets to try our "good" jumps, and you'll treasure the pictures










the Pulverman


















we paint all the jumps twice each summer - they will look good for you!










a panerama of the big show field









a long, bending line set up for the Jumper Derby









you'll notice the electronic timers in the background and the flags set for the Derby










the "skinny" brick









left side of the field with the "Irish Bank" in the background


















a better shot of the bank in the background









side view of the Pulverman, all dressed up" for a big show









we like our blue & yellow combination jump!










this picture shows some of the thousand or more flowers in all the flower boxes