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Pictures of our buildings & grounds, updated in 2009

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Welcome to the Barn Entrance









Tom working on a flower garden in a slow moment









entrance driveway to the barn, main pasture to the right











An Overview Map of Longacres - we own about 93 acres. This map is a "work-in-progress"! There is one main trail that the students follow which is parallel to the "Big Creek" to go from the barn, cabins, and community area of the Lodge,Showerhouse, and Restroom Building. There are lots of other trails that are used for horses(marked on map with a letter&#) and to the main office (Tom & Meghan's house) that are used when everyone is usually in a group.









Looking down hill to the barn from the main riding area









a special bareback ride mounted outside the barn










the porch side of the barn Our Porch just outside the Main Tack Room at the Barn









Tom giving a riding theory talk on the barn porch









morning horsecare










Yep! It's a long barn!









the main tack room









Diesel and his buddies on the porch side of the barn










visitors in the barn on "Derby Day" and Awards Party









the driveway to the office & Tom and Meghan's house









horsemanship discussion with the whole group during Lazy Days week










Sam all tacked up and ready for lesson









impersonating dead mice in a water bucket (hey, farm life is farm life!)









girths of all sizes available










school saddles in the tack room









horse care tools ready for early morning









the feed room during early morning horse care


















crop wars!


















Meghan with freshly laundered saddle pads









the office in the barn (NOT always this neat!)









Meghan moving jumps during the spring painting week










Joel adding fresh gravel to stalls









Meghan working to grade a stall that has just had holes filled in









A view of the trail just before you come to the 2 main cabins (Esseres & Pegasus) You have to cross the small bridge you can see in the picture to get to them. The Lodge, showerhouse, & restroom building are down the hill and behind you back on the trail. The barn is past the main cabins.










A view of the main trail just after you have left the Lodge and passed by the guest/alumni cabin ("Pixie-Oakwood" toward the left) and are heading toward the main cabins and barn!









Our Lodge/Dining Hall- An original building but has recently had major renovation work done. The shaded stone patio is also visible with our picnic table for lunch (breakfast & dinner are consumed inside the building!) The showerhouse & restroom building are just down the hill to the left below the lodge









The View just outside the Lodge/Dining Hall. You are standing on the stone patio overlooking the hill toward the creek (stairwell to the showerhouse and restroom building are directly in front of you)










Inside our Lodge/Dining Hall- Winter time storage!!! Notice the screens off the windows and wood shutters covering the windows! But you can see that we sit altogether usually family style for the camp meals.









Inside our Lodge/Dining Hall during the off-season. You are standing inside the kitchen area looking towards the dining room and the game room all the way in the back









Inside our Lodge/Dining Hall in the off season- this is a view from inside the dish room










meal time around the family style table









the cook is very popular at dessert time!









the dining hall right after fresh paint in 2008










Sam & Kate at dinner in the dining hall









Our Guest/Alumni cabin- "Pixie-Oakwood" Another original building (Tom's baby carriage was in this cabin a feeeeeew decades ago!!!!)









The stream that runs behind the Pixie-Oakwood cabin and meets up with the main creek that runs throughout our property and follows our main trail










The gulley behind Pixie-Oakwood cabin









A view of Maple Lane with the showerhouse & restroom building in the far right (the extra storage cabin "Happy Landings" is to the left - it was used for students many decades ago!) Pixie-Oakwood cabin is just up the hill toward the right and behind you.









A view of the privacy fence to block the port-a-potty that is situated between the 2 main cabins. Pegasus (visible) is just to the right and Esseres is just to the left (not visible).










Esseres Cabin - 1 of the main cabins we use for students to stay in while there are at Longacres. There is a port-a-potty kept immediately to the right of the picture.









Pegasus Cabin - One of the main cabins we use for students to stay in while they are at Longacres. There is a main horse trail just to the right and behind the cabin. The main trail for people is immediately behind this picture!









Inside the Pegasus cabin during 2009:Co. Katie, Emily, Staci, & Rhiannon










Inside Pegasus cabin in 2009: Co. Destiny (far left), Kellie, Katie V., Katie L. all doing the "BOG" dance (you had to be there to understand?!?!?!), and Jessica (far right)









Galloping Field trees - this is a beautiful field on our trail system









View from Tom's tractor of freshly mowed Galloping Field (trail system is behind and the main office is toward the right - both our of the picture!)










Meghan and the girls in the RV on a field trip









A view of a group coming out the last lane to get to the hunt course.









New jump added in 2009 to the Beginner/Show Ring; Jamie & Quantum showing off for us over the Longacres jump!










New Jump added in 2009 to the Beginner/Show Ring: Ruby & Ginger showing us the Mini-Lighthouse jump









Updated Decor in 2009 for our Green jump in the Beginner/Show Ring - Mini Wheelbarrows!! (psssst!!! don't tell anyone, but they are realllllly fun to wheel around!) Thanks Staci & Star for making the jump look so good!









Updated Decor in 2009 for our Blue jump in the Beginner/Show Ring: Sailboats - and it looks like Stephanie & Zanee are just sailing over them!










New Jump for 2009: Ofelia & Ginger over the Diamond jump (in conjunction with the Lighthouse jump)









New Jump for 2009: The Lighthouse jump - Alexa & Quantum preparing for another jumper turn!









New Jump added for 2009: Another view of the Lighthouse - Thanks Emily & Merlin having some fun!










New Jump for 2009: The Lighthouse with the extra special decor of the coordinating minis for the Annual Bold Jumper Derby event. Ofelia & Ginger over the Lighthouse before they come to the Diamond jump









New Riding area added in 2009 - A Sand ring! It is in the foreground. The Hill Top schooling area in the background The Sand Ring is in the process of being expanded for the 2010 season and beyond!









New Riding Area added in 2009: The Sand ring (it is in the process of being expanded for the 2010 season)










Tom teaching one of our Adult Students in the Sand Ring; Renee on Merlin









Lilacs in bloom @ Longacres!! These are in front of a house we rent to our friend & a local vetenarian (Located on Grover Rd. as a boundry to our trails. This is on a hill just over the Pixie Oakwood Cabin and the parking area for the Lodge/Dining Hall)









watching video at the main house on a cold night










riding video during one of the June Clinic weeks









Pixie-Oakwood guest cottage with Ruby and Kellie during mother - daughter week









Hi, Ruby!










cookie cake!









Diana, Kay, and Kellie during mother-daughter week in Pixie Oakwood cabin









Tom and Meghan enjoying a rare quiet moment by the big creek










the Cazanovia Creek from the old archery field and picnic bench









celebratng smores night!









more marshmellows, PLEASE!










the Pegasus bunk crew









Meghan entering the dining hall









creek walking on a hot day










"ye old swimmin' hole" at the big creek









cabin party with FOOD in Pegasus bunk









horse show ribbons are a very popular bunk decoration










the Cazanovia creek gorge in the fall









Meghan on one of the park benches at one of her favorite spots on the trail system (creekside loop)









one of six different creeks running through the farm










painting jumps in the spring









freshly painted jumps









the small show ring set up for a horse show










the Irish Bank jump on the big show field









taking turns on smores night with the long sticks









the concrete stair coming down from the dining hall to the wash room and shower buildings










looking down from the dining hall patio









Tom at work mowing the small show ring before the jumps are up for the season









the canoing pond and muskrat island










Meghan checking the fresh paint job on our oldest cabin, Esseress









the pasture fence along the barn driveway









a new sand ring added in 2009. It is being expanded for 2010










canoing and bull frog pond









esseress bunk along the trail to the barn









Kate and Merlin ready for a lesson outside the barn










Meghan hosting the adults for "Happy Hour" during an adult week clinic









Adult rider over the Butterfly jump









the Butterfly jump, a trademark feature of the Longacres jump course










Meghan clearing trails in the spring









Tom at work on the trails - good trails through the woods don't "just happen"









creek view along the trails










Tom mowing next to the Big Water Jump









Meghan at one of the creek crossings









an autumn view of one of the bridges between the main hosue and the barn










another autumn view of a bigger bridge in the woods

















you won't see these autumn views during your stay at Longacres, but you're welcome to visit at this wonderful time of year on the farm










Tom skipping stones at the big creek









the "cave" waterfall along the ridgeview trail









the stairway up to the dining hall










the main shower house









the toilet house next to the showers with the dining hall on top of the hill in the background









shower and wash rooms










Our Showerhouse- this is the view as you first step inside; One set of sinks & a mirror (2 showers are behind the wall the mirror is on and 2 more to the right outside of picture range!)









Our Showerhouse-the view after you have stepped inside the main door and look to the right. 2nd set of sinks and hooks for towels









Our Showerhouse- A view of the back right handheld shower (4 showers total, shower curtains seperating them into quadrants)










Our Showerhouse- The view as you step out of the sink room and into the 2nd half of the building for the showers(you are looking at the shower curtains for the 2 on the right side) You can also see hangers overhead for the students to use to hang their clothes to change into or towels









Our Showerhouse-The view as you step out of the shower half of the building and into the sink room (The main outside door is immediately to the right of the picture.) Students usually keep individual baskets of their shower supplies in the cupboards & towels on the hooks (to the left) instead of carrying them back & forth from the cabin!









Our Showerhouse-A view of the front right shower










the flush toilet house with the shower house in the background









Our Restroom Building -The view as you are walking toward the outside door from the stalls toward the right and the sink & countertop to the left









fresh paint in the wash room










the toilet room - simple but kept freshly painted

















Our Restroom building- A view of one of the 3 stalls inside the ladies bathroom